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2018-11-19 18:07:00 EST


Huntington Beach, CA - (WORLD STOCK WIRE) - November 19, 2018 -- Another exquisite Ruby has hit the market. BGM International of Huntington Beach is marketing a museum quality 585 carat purplish red semi translucent ruby originating in Burma. The GIA certified natural corundum ruby was cut to a modern triangular double CA. The ruby was cut from a 6.32 kilogram (31,600 carat) rough stone.

“This is not only one of the largest and most beautiful ruby’s in the world but it’s in the US and available for inspection which separates it from most all other stones its size,” stated Barry Migliorini President of BGM International.

Migliorini stated he is in talks with museums and royal families around the world. He has also received calls from multiple auction houses.

Legendary multi award winning designer Steven Zale has been retained to design the perfect setting for the ruby. Steven is known as the designing and marketing force behind many of the most popular and prominent brands in the world today.

Other Notable Ruby’s

The Chaiyo Ruby valued at $448 million weighs in at 109,000 carats (Over 48 pounds). Both Myanmar and Thailand claim ownership. Many consider the stone a fake and its whereabouts are unknown.

The Liberty Bell ruby is the largest mined ruby in the world. It was mined out of Africa in the late 1950s. It weighs 8,500 carats (3.8 pounds) and was sculpted into a miniature Liberty Bell in 1976 for Beverly Hills based Kazanjian Brothers jewelry in honor of the bicentennial. The ruby was stolen in a heist in 2011. Four men have been indicted in the heist but the ruby was never recovered.

The Sunrise Ruby, which was also mined in Burma weighing it at 25.59 was auctioned and sold by Sothebys for $30.42 million on May 12, 2015.

Nutra Management of Maryland is claiming the world’s largest uncut rough ruby (125 West) gem stone weighing in at 18,696 carats. This stone is ideal for carving but not for making stones.

Barry Migliorini
7071 Warner Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Phone: 949-887-7973

Note: The following news is from BGM INTERNATIONAL, and World Stock Wire, Inc. is not liable for the contents of this news.